2 755 EUR - 3 305 USD

It is a complete immersion in the life of a luxurious woman for a few days.

You will receive total care and attention of our specialists.

We consider complete confidentiality. Your real name does not appear anywhere; even our employees will only know your female nickname.

All the specialists who will work with you are selected thoughtfully; they are loyal and pleasant people. You will find full understanding and support.
You can invite your girlfriend or wife to share with you this unique weekend. It will be an unforgettable experience for you two!

Even at home you can be wearing female image, you will constantly see a woman in the mirror.

Service includes:

Personal planning of your activities: city walk, visiting restaurants or night clubs, maybe you’ll prefer cinema.. Will depend on your mood and wishes or what you’re willing to do!
• Stylist’s work, you will get transformation into Woman of your dreams by professional creation of some individual images for you: female image for home. Even at home you see a woman at you mirror as your image will be made especially for you. It can be luxurious dressing gown and nightgown, or maybe leggings and a light tunic, if you prefer casual style.
Renting of three different fully-equipped female's images, adjusted specifically for your adventures and individually for you, considering your wishes, features of your body and the dress code of the place that you would like to visit wearing your image
• Two photo sets at photo studio or outside on the street, as you prefer
Personal companion services, with whom you will feel comfortable, because you have an excellent company that supports you.
Personal driver services for the whole weekend, you can walk around the city with a companion, but if you feel uncomfortable, you can always get in the car and continue.
• Services of manicure and pedicure masters, which will work in four hands over the beauty of your nails. You can make nails extension if you want.
Cosmetologist service which will remove unwanted locks from your body
• Apartments renting

Adventures you get:

• Full immersion in the life of a luxurious woman, you will stay in the image even at home with yourself only
• 4 different female images
• Training on women's gait and plastic
• 2 photo sets: one on the street, one at the studio (optional)
• Open air walks and city tours wearing the female image
• Visiting of night clubs in St. Petersburg
• All mentioned above to be organized personally for each client: walking routes, places for visits and photo sessions. At your request, you can replace photo set on excursions, make-up workshop, shopping with a stylist ... All the weekend to be created for you personally!

You will get accompanied by:

- Personal driver

- Personal companion

 5 specialists will work with you:

- Stylist image maker
- Photographer
- Master of manicure
- Master of pedicure
- Cosmetologist

How we do it:

QUEERWEEKEND includes three holydays with transformation, can be any days week days or weekend.

In the morning our driver meets you, than you drive to the apartments. There you meet Olga Zhgun, stylist and head of the Studio.
You leave your male clothes and totally change into your first female image for home stay. You choose the style.
Arrive two masters of manicure and pedicure with cosmetologist. You get manicure and pedicure in four hands, make hand nails extension. Cosmetologist removes extra locks and hair from your hands and legs, if you feel comfortable with this.

After all the masters finish working with your look, and you are ready from the tips of your hair to the tips of your nails, you and Olga will start working with your body language. This is important and useful for your walk with the image, as well as for a photo shoot. If you do not move like a woman, you have a posture that emphasizes the width of your shoulders, you walk moving shoulders, you will never look feminine and truthful even if you wear the most beautiful image.

You train the female gait within several hours, posture, gestures, beautiful mimics and facial expressions. Many people are worried that these habits will turn into "men's life", you should not worry, we use NLP anchor technology, which allows new skills of body language to be present only during transformation into a woman.

Olga arrives in the morning and you get another image transformation for the photo shooting. You go to the Photo Studio to take pictures.

After photo set arrives your companion, and you can take city ride, go to the café.
You come back to the apartments. Olga makes another image transformation for the night club. This one is the most bright and magic.
You go to the club or few clubs with your companion; you can visit several clubs during the night.

On Sunday you wake up late, Olga arrives at 13 p.m.
She makes another image transformation and you go for a photo walk with your companion.
After photo walk, you can take a city ride, sit at the café, go to the cinema. During all this time your companion will be with you.

The next morning at 10 a.m. arrives master of manicure and “does your nails back” removing length and color. If you want we can organize it in the evening of previous day.
Olga arrives at 11 a.m. to say goodbye and wish you the best!

All mentioned above can be changed and selected upon you request: walking routes, places of visit and photo sets. You can change excursion to photo set, choose make-up workshop, shopping with stylist..

Price will include everything except food and drinks.
Also activities you visit and beauty sessions’ services for your friend to be paid additionally.
 If you have any questions, please press button “ask question”, and we will provide detailed consultation for you upon all services we do!



We guarantee total privacy and confidential.



We guarantee total privacy and confidential.


How to get the service:
1. You click "I want!" Button and leave a request
2. Make a prepayment of 40 EUR and get a questionnaire to create an image on your e-mail
3. Send us the answers to the questionnaire.
4. Make a 50% prepayment for the service
5. We work on the image from 3 to 60 days (depending on your parameters and the desired style)
6. After completing the work, the stylist will send photos with 2-3 created images.
7. You select an image within 10 days after sending the photos.
8. If you do not like the images that we offer, we will refund your money, holding only 40 EUR, which you contributed first
Very important! Let us know that you will not like any image no later than 10 days after we send you versions of the images.
9. After the image is selected, we set the date of your unforgettable weekend.

Please NOTE! We are located in Saint Petersburg.
If you are from another city:
- come to us and get unforgettable impressions

We come to do sessions in Moscow 2 times a year. Information on exact dates of arrival is available in social networks and on our website.


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