Photo set with your girlfriend

Photo set with your girlfriend
Photo set with your girlfriend
Photo set with your girlfriend
Photo set with your girlfriend
Photo set with your girlfriend

695 EUR - 828 USD

This service is for you if:
•You are lucky that you can share your hobby with your friend or person you love
• You want to take part in magic photo set, for which you’ll get images made by professional stylist
• You want to have good quality pictures, which will remind you about this experience!

Package “Photo set with your friend” includes:

- creation of image and concept by professional stylist
- creation of feminine image for you and your friend
- renting of one complete image, which includes a wig, shoes, clothes and accessories, manicure
- special make-up of any complexity for you
- make-up and hairdressing for your friend
- working on plastics and setting poses during photo shoot
- renting of make-up room
- renting of photo studio
- photographer’s work
- retouching of 9 pictures
- order of retouching more pictures with price of  30 EUR/picture
- removing of the make-up, which will not leave any trace of your transformation

How we do it:
- We start creating image in advance talking details online
- In agreed day of shooting you meet stylist at photo studio
- Stylist is doing makeup, hair and image transformation for you than you go to the shooting lounge
- Comes photographer and photo set starts!
- After finishing photo set you get all makeup removed, and all image transformed back, change and you leave totally in the same clothes you came
- In 1-1,5 months depending on schedule of the photographer you’ll get your 9 retouched photos.


If you have any questions, please press button “ask question”, and we will provide detailed consultation for you upon all services we do!



We guarantee total privacy and confidential.



We guarantee total privacy and confidential.


How to get the service:
1. You click "I want!" Button and leave a request
2. Make a prepayment of 40 EUR and get a questionnaire to create an image on your e-mail
3. Send us the answers to the questionnaire.
4. Make a 50% prepayment for the service
5. We work on the image from 3 to 60 days (depending on your parameters and the desired style)
6. After completing the work, the stylist will send photos with 2-3 created images.
7. You select an image within 10 days after sending the photos.
8. If you do not like the images that we offer, we will refund your money, holding only 40 EUR, which you contributed first
Very important! Let us know that you will not like any image no later than 10 days after we send you versions of the images.
8. After the image is selected, we set the date of your photo shoot and book a photo studio.

Please NOTE! We are located in Saint Petersburg.
If you are from another city:
- come to us and get unforgettable impressions

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