Feminizing makeup

Feminizing makeup
Feminizing makeup
Feminizing makeup
Feminizing makeup
Feminizing makeup

65 EUR - 78 USD

Makeup designed specifically for  crossdressers and transgender women 

All the nuances of reincarnation are taken into account:

• Makeup created INDIVIDUALLY for your image.
• It may look as natural as possible.
• Or like parody makeup, if you come this way!
• Corrects men's facial features.
• Makes a face as feminine as possible.
• Smoothes male skin relief
• Holds up to 24 hours!

You can order additional services (discussed in advance and individually):

1. Eyebrow correction. It simply makes men's eyebrows well-groomed, but if we emphasize them correctly, we will get perfect eyebrows for a female image. 9 EUR
2. False eyelashes for the whole century. They make eyes brighter, but look less natural. 9 EUR
3. Eyebrow for eyebrows. Fully remove eyebrows from the face and draw new ones. For owners of thick eyebrows, who for personal reasons can not pluck their eyebrows. 18 EUR
4. Eyelid lift and face. With the help of strips for make-up, lifting scotch can make the eyes more open and slanted, raise eyebrows, tighten the oval of the face. 18 EUR 

Our basic rule is FULL PRIVACY!

If you have any questions, click the “Ask a Question” button and we will advise you in detail on all the services you are interested in.



We guarantee total privacy and confidential.



We guarantee total privacy and confidential.


How to use the service:

1. You send a request by clicking on the button “I want the same!”
2. Send us the information and photos we need to create your makeup.
3. Make a prepayment of 50% for the service.
5. Set a convenient date for your makeup!

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