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We guarantee total privacy and confidential


Anja Robertson. United Kingdom

Fue un placer, me sentí una mujer total. El trabajo de Olga es muy profesional, es sumamente detallista y amable. Muchas gracias!!!! Espero volver

Marian Binisanti. Argentina

This all came about after a couple of years of messaging back and forth between Olga and myself, but never happened because of distance and timing.

However, after retiring from vacation I had time to head to Saint Petersburg for one of the most interesting and education experiences of my adult life, and extremely glad I did it. Sitting for an hour as Olga expertly did my makeup, I was impressed with how focused and professional she was, as well as entertaining. Then we went upstairs to the photo studio and completed the look with the dress, tights, heels and wig, and as I walked over to the mirror to see the complete transformation, I felt as sense of excitement and wonder, with a touch of nervousness. I was AMAZED!

 I never thought I could look that good! My first thought was, ‘WOW! I look better as a woman than I do as a man!’

The rest of the day was incredibly fun. The photographer, Zhenya, told stories to help get into the right mindset and did a wonderful job explaining how to move and carry myself so as to really be in the moment. I have to say is it was an incredible experience, and the next time I’m in Saint Petersburg, I will definitely do this again!

male to female transformation

Nicole Bell. Dallas, USA

 A place where your feminine dreams come true? Luckily it is closer than some people may think. A few years ago I couldn't even dream about such place in Russia. For ages I envied trans-girls from US and Western Europe but now they can eat their hearts out.

One wizard established Queerpoint and does magic there. Wizard's name is Olga. She's a talented MUA with good taste and rich imagination.
After all references and rumors about this person I decided to attend her classes. I chose a full-day 1-2-1 make up lesson and was positively surprised. Olga was able to activate all my five senses in order to make me able to absorb teaching material.

Each her lesson is originally designed and materials that she provides are helpful for student's first independent steps. 
Yes, Olga is a demanding person but she knows what every trans-person want to achieve. She's great; once you meet her you want to meet her again.

Sabrina. Tallinn, Estonia

Judit. Zurich, Switzerland

Federico. Paris. France

The first time I met Olga was at the St. Petersburg Tango Queer Festival, organized by the Queer Tango Club. 

Olga already offered a cross-dressing workshop at the event. I remember that I was all excited in this country until then unknown to me. A curious feeling of a place that I imagined sophisticated and enchanting, in the image of its inhabitants. It was at that moment that I said to myself, 'I want to work with this girl'. 

Some time later I organized a first photo shoot for my personal book. I was immediately conquered by his professionalism and kindness, his piercing look and his quality of listening ... few words will have been enough for Olga to understand where I wanted to go. Since 2014 I am at the Artistic Direction of the international festival of tango queer in Paris 'La Vie en Rose'. First meeting lgbt around the Argentinian tango in France, she has as main objective to celebrate the diversity within this dance. But also to promote innovation and aesthetic research and to sensitize the wider public to the fight against discrimination, homophobia, stereotypes and gender violence. When in 2016 (after our 3rd edition of the festival) the idea of honoring Russia for the 2017 edition came to us, I did not hesitate a second to ask the services of Olga. A new photo shoot and a teaser will take place in St. Petersburg in December 2016. "From Russia with Queer Love", the name of our 4th festival, was born. For the occasion, I had to embody Dita, a secret agent in search of the famous DJ of St. Petersburg to bring him alive in Paris. The production was in the hands of Aleksandr M. Vinogradov, photography by the beautiful Katarina Makvits and Dita, of course, in the hands of Olga. A much-desired partnership had finally emerged. Olga took care to transform me into this main character half-woman, half-goddess that I still see in the mirror. For me it was a first ... the feeling of living in the skin of a DIVA for one night ... a magical white night, like those that exist only in St. Petersburg. Now we are in full preparation for our 4th edition 'From Russia With Queer Love' ... 

Olga is one of the artists invited to the festival. She will of course deal with the transformation of Dita but will also work with the Franco-Argentine stylist Florence Darlan for a colorful photo shoot. Exclusive cross-dressing workshops will also be offered to festival-goers! 

Viva Russia! 

Dita. Paris, France

Joanna. London, England

Hello Olga, If you visit some day in Finland, I would be more than happy to buy makeup services or lectures from you so don't hesitate to contact me. 
Also if you have made some instuctional makeup videos or books, I might be interested about them if those are so visual that I could follow them although I don't understand russian language.
I'm very happy that I got the transformation from you, that was the highlight of my trip and the best makeup I ever had (I have tried earlier three other services in USA and England). You are a true artist! 

Elsie. Helsinki, Finland