Olesya Gutnik

Olesya came to us from Moscow.

Long before our photo shoot, she reincarnated from a guy to a girl herself.
And, you need to pay tribute to her, with great taste! But, despite the experience in self-creating an image, she was delighted with what Olga Zhgun offered her.

Here is her review:

“I knew about Ole for about five years, I was subscribed to her page and these chic works were constantly in my news feed.
I myself have been fond of dressing up for a long time, I have never had problems with buying and storing things, and most importantly, people who understood me surrounded me (although now I tend to call it not understanding, but tolerance)
Agreed on a date. Olya offered three different versions of the image, and we chose a jumpsuit (a very cool thing!) It only remained to wait. This is probably the most difficult thing for me in this story)) I measured all the available jumpsuits, well, I can’t sit idle)) I came to St. Petersburg one day.
I must say that I was late (bad I). The dressing room was combined with the office of the photo studio, and there were always people in it. In such an environment, it could be uncomfortable, but Olga took to work with such a look, as if we were doing the most important thing in the world. It worked very relaxingly. Actually, I quickly realized that nothing was scary with her! I was painted several times by familiar makeup artists, and I can safely say that Olga works more confidently and better than anyone. Yes, this is not the main thing .. It feels like she is doing what she likes! Personally, I admire it.
What is obtained as a result is impossible to praise. I even feel embarrassed that I had some doubts) It takes time to get used to the fact that you are such a beauty!
In general, I want to forget everything that happened before this day and start over.
I have already written Ole in PM, and I will repeat here - the next morning there was a feeling that I had a dream about all this and there was nothing. Waking up, I climbed into the phone to check the photos, haa)) After all, the truth is - like a dream?
I often go to St. Petersburg, and I have a difficult relationship with this city. I can not say that I love him so much as many. That sick here, then things do not go. In short, it didn’t work out somehow .. but this time I didn’t want to leave at all and really wanted to come back. ”

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