Queer tango. Male and female images


We all know about tango, beautiful passionate dance. Where the woman is the adornment of the couple, and the person leading leads the couple to the dance.

But very few people know about the strange tango.
This is a relatively new trend in tango. And this is different in that partners can change roles. In this dance, a man can be a slave, a woman can lead, and even a strange tango can dance partners of the same sex.
Full freedom of expression in dance - it's beautiful, effective in itself.

But why not go even further ... And do transformation male to female & female to male.

From these ideas, this joint project of our Makeover studio QUEERPOINT and the Queer Tango Club, the milonga "Gender-Queer", was born.

Gender transformation in itself is a unique experience. But when this whole event with the dress code "men in women, women in men", then it's amazing. It's like a theatrical action, where concurrent events take place - actors, directors and spectators. And this is the best combination with queer-tango!
An atmospheric event that took place several times already and, perhaps, will become a tradition of the quir-tango festivals in St. Petersburg.

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