Drag king. Transformation of the female to male


Many people in one way or another know the word dragkvin (Drag Queen), these are male actors who act as women.
The very term "drag" is the abbreviation of the expression "dressed as a girl" (English dressed resembling a girl), used earlier to describe transvestites.
In the future, this term also passed to other actors of the travesty of the genre - girls, who perform on the stage the role of men.

Hots for the first time the name drag-king (English Drag king) was used in print in 1972, the very phenomenon has a long history. In the theater and opera was the tradition of women who transformation in men.
Like the drag queen, drag-king in their shows reflect gender stereotypes, they demonstrate hypertrophied macho features in the images, play the roles of marginals and bad guys.

Actress and playwright Suzanne Tsentlivr appeared on the stage in a man's image around 1700. The first popular drag-king performer in the US was Annie Hindle, who started performing in New York in 1867, in 1886, she married her costume designer, Annie Ryan. British singer and actress Vesta Tilly, known in the late 19 - early 20 th century, often performed male roles in plays and vaudeville numbers.
Blues singer Gladys Bentley performed dressed as a man in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco from the 1920s to the 1940s
Storm DeLarvery, one of the first activists of the LGBT movement, began performing with Jewel Box Revue, the first cabaret show in the US, in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, and struck the audience with bright drag-king numbers, sang and worked as an entertainer

In Russia drag-dinks are very rare, but in Europe and the US it is popular and is an integral part of LGBT culture

In this album we collected our work on the transformation of women into men.

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